Learn to speak like a native.

Impress your friends

Moment-rec helps you learn the native speaker’s slang, jokes and feel at home in a foreign culture.

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Feel at home in an other culture

We’re passionate travelers and also expats. We know how hard it can be to integrate in a new culture.


Slang and culture related jokes

Slang and culture related jokes are never taught at language schools. That makes it very hard to find native speaker friends and feel at home.


We created Moment-rec to give you a tool to study the true language native speakers use.

Man studying with textbooks

Moment-rec captures and stores anything said in the past 60 seconds after you pressed “record”. Like an acoustic time machine 😎

Record – Listen – Learn

Record – listen and study native speakers’ language and use of slang. Moment-rec records audio and stores it on SD-card or your smartphone.

Acoustic time machine

When you hear a word, then it’s already too late to record it. Moment-rec has a continuous memory that always holds whatever somebody said 60 seconds ago.

Play recorded audio

Listen immediately to your recorded audio. Listen via loudspeaker or headphones. You can even play the audio at a slower pace to understand it better.


Engage with other fellow language learners. Exchange recordings and help each other studying a language.

Rechargeable battery

Be ready wherever you go. Capture any word or sentence that can advance your language study.

Android App

Use your smartphone to change settings. Share interesting recordings with your friends and add it to your study apps.

Understanding native speaker’s use of slang and jokes is crucial to feel at home in a culture

Traditional method

  • A boring and dry textbook
  • Feeling insecure
  • Avoiding conversations with groups of native speakers
  • A foreigner



New with Moment-rec

  • Capture the magic of native speakers
  • Empowered and self-confident
  • Actively engaging groups to record and study native speaker’s slang and jokes
  • Part of the culture. Feeling of home