Portrait of Pascal, the founder of 5upercircuits, holding a cup with "The Boss" written on it.

Hi, I’m Pascal the founder of 5upercircuits. I live in the German part of Switzerland and am married to a lovely Japanese woman. We both love to travel and have been to many foreign countries. One of my hobbies is to learn new languages. Currently, I’m learning Japanese and also visit classes. The part that fascinates me the most about language learning is the ability to dive into a new culture and meet new people.

Are you an Electrical Engineer?

Yes, I am a professional electrical engineer. I worked in various industries (research, railway and industrial) as a hardware developer. Over the years, I’ve worked on many different hardware designs and gained a lot of experience. I’ve mostly worked with the hardware layout software Altium Designer and currently Circuit Studio (product by Altium).

Electrical circuit board layout

5upercircuits - It's your product

I’ve seen many products being developed and delivered to customers. What I always felt is that most of the time there is little to no relationship between the company, customer and the product.

I want to change that with 5upercircuits. There should be a solid relationship between me and the people who buy products. You deserve to know about internal processes and development. You also have the right to be included in major decisions and influence the design. Because after all it’s also your product, not just mine.

I don’t want to produce products that are like an empty shell. Products made by 5upercircuits and its community need a soul. I want people to feel excitement when they hold my products in their hands. Because they have been part of a journey and can identify with the product.

Portrait of Pascal, the founder of 5upercircuits, in a thinking position.